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Any Beach Wedding Tips I Should Take Care of?

Niharika, the 15 October, 2019 at 13:44 Posted in Goa 0 5

Any tips for a beach wedding? I am attending my BFF's wedding in Goa. It is going to be in Nov-Dec. Any tips that I should keep in mind? What kind of clothes to carry?

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Latest activity by Aakriti, the 1 November, 2019 at 16:03
  • Aakriti
    Super September 2021 South Delhi
    Aakriti ·
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    This is gold, thanks for the tips

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  • Niharika
    Featured Mumbai
    Niharika ·
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    Thanks a bunch, guys. Will make sure I stick to the basics and every time I feel I am coming close to losing my wits, I'll sip a drink or two so I don't annoy the couple of the hour too much, haha!

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  • Adeline
    Devoted September 2021 North Goa
    Adeline ·
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    I have spent my entire life living in a coastal area, haha, I know far too well what you mean. Please carry lighter clothes. The lighter the fabric the airier the outfit would be. Do not let the weight of your clothes weigh you down as the coastal regions as it has a lot of humidity.

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  • Ahana
    Expert November 2021 Chandigarh City
    Ahana ·
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    What time is the wedding? If it is during the peak summer months then it might get a tad bit uncomfortable for you because of the heat and sweat. But, please don't complain to the bride and groom to often. They'd be on their toes at all times as it if. And, wear sunscreen, lots of sunscreens. Bathe in it if you have to Smiley xd

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  • Boshika
    Super May 2021 Kolkata
    Boshika ·
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    Aaaaa, you'll get to attend a beach wedding. Tbh, I love everything about a beach wedding. Just wear comfortable attire and footwear and you should be good. Wearing heels in the sand is not a great idea as your feet will get submerged in the sand every second step.

    Other than that,

    have fun girl, beach weddings are absolutely craySmiley love

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