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Fitness and Health

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Discuss your wedding diet, workout plans, health and fitness routines or help each other stay on track with your wedding fitness and health goals.

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Monica, The March 4, 2021 at 12:40

Is soda good for health? I have never tried the same.

Smriti, thursday 4-Mar-21 1 4
This Or That: The Foodie Pose or A Bridal Pose?!?
Surbhi, The January 22, 2021 at 00:20

How are you going to be before your grand bridal entry? Which pose are you going to slay? This Or That: The Foodie Pose or A Bridal Pose?!?


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8 votes

Why did you choose ""?

Last vote thursday 4-Mar-21 9 36 1
Armpit fat is really annoying!
Tamanna, The March 3, 2021 at 21:52

Who else is struggling with it? How are you guys trying to get rid of it?

Tamanna, wednesday 3-Mar-21 3
Is keto diet a good option to do for brides-to-be?
Boshika, The March 1, 2021 at 17:46

I am not even really aware of how this keto diet works?

Harpreet, tuesday 2-Mar-21 1 6
Some Benefits of Having 'saunf'
Noor, The February 24, 2021 at 11:38

Does it help in cutting weight?

Prerna, friday 26-Feb-21 2 10
My fiance has started doing triathlon!
Palak, The March 1, 2021 at 11:28

He is making sure he gives it his all before our wedding! 😁💪

Palak, monday 1-Mar-21 5 1