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Dedicated August 2022 Agra

Colourful necklace on haldi?

Anita, the 7 December, 2021 at 10:10 Posted in Wedding Fashion 0 3

I'm planning to wear a plain white kurta set on my haldi day. I thought of pairing it with a colourful bead jewellery like this. What do you guys think? Will this look good?

Colourful necklace on haldi? 1

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Latest activity by Jason, the 3 October, 2023 at 12:02
  • Jason
    Just Said Yes August 2024 California
    Jason ·
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    I recently attended a haldi ceremony where the bride wore a stunning colorful necklace, and it added so much vibrancy to the occasion. The choice of a colorful necklace truly stood out amidst the traditional attire, making it a captivating sight. The bride's glowing look and the necklace's intricate design perfectly complemented each other. It's experiences like these that remind us of the importance of finding unique accessories that resonate with your style and the occasion's theme. If you're on the lookout for distinctive pieces, considering options like the mission belt customer service could be a great idea to add that extra touch of charm to your special day.

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  • Jimalaya
    Jimalaya ·
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    I have to say, I'm usually not a fan of that combination, but the colorful bead jewelry you've picked out looks surprisingly nice! It could add a vibrant touch to your plain white kurta set, creating a cheerful and eye-catching contrast. I remember attending a haldi ceremony where someone wore something similar, and it ended up being a fun and unique choice that stood out in all the right ways. If you're into personalized accessories, you might want to check out name bracelets from . They can be a charming addition to your outfit, and you can customize them to suit your style.

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  • D
    Devoted July 2022
    Deepika ·
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    Yes yes! Colorful jewellery on plain kurta looks amazing but be careful with your pick as haldi stain might spoil the jewellery.

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