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Expert November 2021 Chandigarh City

Home Remedies or Skin Treatments Please

Ahana, the 14 October, 2019 at 12:53 Posted in Beauty, Hair & Makeup 0 5

I want my skin to look flawless on my wedding day and those leading up to the big day.

What skin treatments should I get done before the wedding to have a naturally glowing skin? Any face masks or kitchen ingredients to help improve my skin quality?

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Latest activity by Roshni, the 12 November, 2019 at 01:37
  • Roshni
    Dedicated April 2022 South Delhi
    Roshni ·
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    Thank fully I am blessed with beautiful skin.

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  • Paris
    Dedicated December 2020 South Delhi
    Paris ·
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    Apply turmeric paste on your body for a fortnight (the longer the better) and by the time of your D-Day you shall be glowing. FYI that is why the Haldi ceremony exists.

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  • Shubhika
    Expert April 2021 Kochi
    Shubhika ·
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    Oh, boy breakouts are the absolute worst and they always tend to happen when we are most excited about something. You can try a cucumber mask. Let me share with you a DIY tutorial. I hope it helps you solve your problem!

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  • Akshara
    Super March 2021 Ghaziabad
    Akshara ·
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    Hi Ahana, Congratulations on the new beginnings. Of course, its imperative to excel the stage of the wedding with elegance and beauty and to start with the golden skincare remedies. Here are some good-to-go tips to flourish your skin with refreshment and a golden glow.1) Honey and Milk: Just to give a clear all the impurities ad leave a soft skin2) Home Made Fruit Pack: Mixture of banana, papaya and lemon juice. Mix it well and keep it for 20 mins for an astounding radiance.

    3) Sandalwood, Cucumber, and Rosewater.

    The link is mentioned below for some more and great home remedial solutions

    6 Effective Home Remedies for Clear Skin to Prep for Your D-Day

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  • Niharika
    Featured Mumbai
    Niharika ·
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    Ahana hun, I can feel you.

    Getting breakouts right before your wedding day is the most unfortunate thing ever! Read this article on some easy to follow home remedies. I really liked the tips. Maybe you'll find them helpful too!

    5 Easy Home Remedies For Glowing Skin In One Day That Actually Work

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