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How to manage Finances with your FH?

Ambika, the 18 October, 2019 at 12:03 Posted in Married Life 0 5

Is it normal for the couples to fight over money issues before the wedding?

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Latest activity by Maryue, the 4 October, 2022 at 14:51
  • Maryue
    Just Said Yes February 1998 Algeria
    Maryue ·
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  • GloryDina
    Savvy June 2018 Texas
    GloryDina ·
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    We also had a long discussion about that and we decided to have a family budget which consists of 50%my income plus 50% his income. All the rest we use for our personal purchases , whatever. We also put aside 10% of our income in order to pay a credit from floatme . We took it for our wedding and i maximum in two months we will be able to close it completely.

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  • Emma
    Savvy December 2021 California
    Emma ·
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    We combine all our finances.

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  • Yashwi
    South Delhi
    Yashwi ·
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    Hye Ambika,
    I second Zora's statement. But yes there is always a line of understanding which fills the gaps of the fight and all the little tiffs.

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  • Zora
    Expert January 2021 Lucknow
    Zora ·
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    Hey Ambika,
    It is definitely a legit thing to fight upon finances. But if you guys have a planned a future together then there should a be a mere string of understanding and if you and your FH are okay with this? Then you go girllll!!Smiley love
    Else, it's a basic thing to start with your pre and post-wedding rituals!! Smiley tongue

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