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Devoted December 2021 Bangalore

Mahira Khan is so charming

Sharon, the September 3, 2021 at 14:08 Posted in Wedding Fashion 0 1

Mahira Khan is one of the finest actors and I can rewatch her show Humsafar 100 times and still not get bored. The way she talks and carries herself is mesmerising. I love what she’s wearing and can’t take my eyes off her Smiley heart Smiley heart get_attachment_url?url_type=FIFE_URL&content_type=image%2Fjpeg&attachment_token=AAUuIGvc8H1sUuc0lZqqYLZP3ko21FnsRKyOMiBs8uKP2wofh%2BlOrr03AZPcUa5Bd9fYod%2FE%2FkyIXX0I1Wgi0d9QsOUYdODtpilicZ7KtwItu5E7rBDHfX2vorj7bKWkt%2FVg03wCvAvpSsuFwcs4iCT5YKsIzkPo6EgmcZ8x6bFs4t5VSED3z3KLF0bK64xIqMoLqKd%2FRKcaHwdi%2BaSdhqRdNr%2FqiKhmoQNDcV0uFWXjJTztSQt8EzLAcv%2Bc9Uq3u0dmWR2MXS5ulXak00rfIdJuwxbktMPssARzItw92gBCKqdIx3dJvS3Rbmo%2Bry%2BpI%2B4O%2BilF6i4MZTDgkPb5FIc2wwz1CPr1ZIDFjTdSnJxlJXzkP3vc66Hrg7RAA3LG%2FMei6NNMleA2eW12rMm7PUGIPsn6IEwH%2ByWwpfE2Rc8yoLk7G8tWsll9zgo4USr9XMmHnN4mtVK7Q0VpKXiOGwUSka9FC5QT%2BCgVZKs%3D&sz=w512

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Latest activity by Ishita, the September 6, 2021 at 10:47
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    Devoted March 2022 Vadodara
    Ishita ·
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    She is so charming and lovely. I'm also a very big fan of her work 😍😍

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