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Super February 2022 West Delhi

Makeup Sponge or Makeup Brush!

Sanya, the 9 June, 2021 at 23:24 Posted in Beauty, Hair & Makeup 0 2

What do you girls prefer more?

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Latest activity by Vtcosmetic, the 2 September, 2022 at 21:02
  • V
    Just Said Yes September 2022 Zhejiang
    Vtcosmetic ·
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    Makeup sponges apply foundation quickly and evenly over a large area of the face, suitable for the foundation for liquid。 Makeup brushes are more suitable for local modifications such as concealer and highlight. Of course, makeup brushes can also be used for foundation, in addition to liquid foundations, powder foundations are also more complete.

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  • Eliza32
    Just Said Yes April 1993 Central Delhi
    Eliza32 ·
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    Whether a cosmetic sponge is better or a brush is one of the questions for which there is no single and definite answer. The difference between a sponge, a brush and a finger is always in the cosmetic product you use For example, using a finger makes the cosmetic product more focused on the desired location, while using a cosmetic sponge causes the cosmetics to fade better and more. The brush can also apply the cosmetic with more focus and precision.

    If you want a smooth foundation, use a sponge, while makeup brushes are the best choice for shading and powdering.But your fingers are perfect for when the cosmetics need to warm up and fade on the skin. Whatever cosmetics or products you use, do not forget to always do your work with impact movements and avoid rubbing it on the skin.

    But if you want to save money and do not want to spend a lot of money to buy all kinds of cosmetic brushes and other tools, you can do all your makeup with a quality makeup sponge Of course, this requires sufficient skill in makeup, but you will see that with a sponge, both the makeup cover can be well controlled and the result will be perfect and will have a higher durability.Always wet the sponge before using it so that water does not drip from it but is full of water. This will make the makeup surface smooth and even. Of course, this does not mean that you can not use brushes, brushes also do makeup professionally and are essential for parts of the makeup, including eye and eyebrow makeup.I suggest you click here for get more info to read authoritative articles about facial cosmetics and choose the most suitable products.In general, for professional and accurate makeup, you need all these tools and you should use each one at the right time and for a specific product to get the best results. Sometimes combining all the tools and techniques is necessary to make your makeup look smooth, beautiful and professional. Even your fingers are one of the most essential cosmetics, for example, it is better to use your finger to use compact shadows. With this method, shading can be controlled and the shadow color will appear stronger and better.

    You can also (and preferably) use the highlighter with your finger, place your finger on the highlighter palette and rub and erase on the areas to be highlighted, including the tip of the nose, the middle of the forehead, the chin and cheeks.
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