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My wedding story

Saili, the 30 March, 2021 at 17:27 Posted in Married Life 0
As a kid I was very close to my Mausi(mom's sister). She used to stay with my mom and took care of me. She helped me with my study also taught me music.

When I was 8 years old she got married. In her wedding day I didn't get chance to even be with her for 2 mins.People were busy getting her ready, bringing gifts to her, clicking her photos and making her do all the rituals.I didn't understand why the person who always used to care about where am I, what am I eating or doing didn't bother about me that day at all. I felt very sad and after the wedding she left and I understood that I didn't matter to her anymore.
Few days after that I asked my mom "When I will get married ma?" I remember her smiling and saying you're now so young na beta, you can only get married when you're 18. I believed her and from that day I started counting down years. Within few years I understood marriage didn't work like that. But still I kept dreaming about my wedding day. I dreamt about what I will wear, how all the guests will come and want to see how the bride looks,how the cameramen will be busy clicking my pics and what all the 'shagun' my in laws will send etc. In general I dreamt to have a normal wedding day like all other girls. But very less did I know that I will have to go against my family and the society to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life. I was in am interfaith relationship. Me Hindu and my boyfriend (now husband)was Muslim. Both of us tried convincing our parents for close to 5 years. But they didn't agree to our marriage.My husband did always know about how much I have dreamt about my wedding day. So he never proposed me until he could save enough money to give me the dream wedding I wanted. For every couple the month before the wedding is usually the pampering month. They take care of their skin, health, diet, they prepare dance , vows etc. But for us it was the worst month of our lives. We spent sleepless nights crying, fighting and worrying. We had a small wedding with just about 45 friends. There was no one to attend the guests, bride was the first person every guest had seen, no one walked me down to the aisle, neither we got treated very respectfully by the wedding vendors as our budget was in general lesser than the people who has a Goa wedding. We had to have a budget wedding. We spent as minimum as possible in the shopping. I wore 6000rs lehenga, he wore 3000rs Sherwani. We couldn't afford solitaire and heavy gold ornaments, we even shopped in Amazon, We couldn't have a big fat reception party, we couldn't have a band or baraat . But if we look back at it today we feel it was our cute little wedding. It might not be perfect in many ways, but it's something we have done entirely by ourselves without draining our parent's finances. I don't know if we have any couple in this community with my kinda situation. But sharing always makes you feel better. I know as I am already feeling it ☺️My wedding story 1

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