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Just Said Yes June 2022 Mumbai

qr code for address on wedding card

Arshee, the 7 May, 2022 at 19:45 Posted in Do It Yourself 0 4
Hi, can someone please suggest a good statement to write on card that suggests to scan Qr code for Google maps address?

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Latest activity by Rateek, the 16 May, 2022 at 11:37
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    Savvy September 2022 Kolkata
    Rateek ·
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    This is a very interesting and creative concept. Thanks for sharing. I think it's a great idea to include this in the invite Smiley smile

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  • Manvi
    WeddingWire Admin Gurgaon
    Manvi ·
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    Hey Arshee!

    To help you find the perfect wedding invitation template, we’ve crafted a few different examples. Take your pick of the ones that you like best and just fill in your details!👇

    1. After looking at multiple venues, we have finally decided to tie the knot at XYZ Venue which is a super relevant location for all our guests. Please scan the below Qr code to reach the location at ease!

    2. We request your presence, to be a part of this holy ritual, witnessed by the Almighty, as we become one. Venue - Time - Date. Please scan the below Qr code to grace the occasion and bless us with your presence. Look forward to meeting you soon.

    3. It is my absolute pleasure to invite you to my wedding ceremony, held at the Venue-Date. The wedding ceremony shall start at 9, following the arrival of the Baraat. Please scan the below Qr code to grace the occasion with your benign presence. Hope to see you there!

    Hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you need any further help with the wedding planning! 🧡✨

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  • A
    Just Said Yes June 2022 Mumbai
    Arshee ·
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    Yes it looks great, thank you Parinita 😊
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    Dedicated June 2021 Hyderabad
    Parinita ·
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    How about this- The date is set! We’d love you to come! Join us at the wedding ceremony, as one we become! Scan below for the location.

    I think it's simple and gettable. What do you think?
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