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Super June 2020 Mumbai

tv in the bedroom?

Ambika, the 17 December, 2019 at 12:35 Posted in Married Life 1 7

Keeping all the distractions in mind, we are planning not to keep TV in our room. Are you?

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Latest activity by Kenneth, the 27 August, 2022 at 17:47
  • K
    Just Said Yes June 2001 Missouri
    Kenneth ·
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    Of course. Only in bed. What could be better than sharing a moment of a movie or TV series, lying on the bed, with a loved one. And when watching on one of the channels of the Firestick device, in which nothing is interrupted and everything is safe, then the viewing time becomes even better!

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  • Ambika
    Super June 2020 Mumbai
    Ambika ·
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    Hahahaha, That's a really nice idea because I think the same!! Smiley xd

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  • Aalia
    Expert May 2021 Hyderabad
    Aalia ·
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    TV is a must :p

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  • Shreyas
    Featured August 2020 South Delhi
    Shreyas ·
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    No life without TV

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  • Boshika
    Super May 2021 Kolkata
    Boshika ·
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    TV in the room itself

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  • Paavnee
    Super August 2024 Leh
    Paavnee ·
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    Why not? You should keep it! What if when you get bored?

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  • Tara Nair
    Expert February 2021 Chennai
    Tara Nair ·
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    Lol, nice one. I don't want to have a TV in our bedroom. The only view my partner should focus on is me!Smiley tongue
    TV in the living room? Is a great idea! Smiley laugh

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