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Weekday Poll: Mangalsutra Bracelet or Mangalsutra Ring

Gargi, the 24 June, 2020 at 18:27 Posted in Married Life 0 7

Hola Beauties!😘

We know the times have changed and so have our tastes and preferences. We no more go with accessories that were earlier a staple amongst the married women. We've revamped them!πŸ’β€β™€οΈπŸ˜Ž

So today the question is, which one amongst the two revamped versions of the Mangalsutra will you go for?

A Mangalsutra Bracelet or A Mangalsutra Ring


3 votes


5 votes

7 Replies

Latest activity by Harsh, the 23 July, 2020 at 23:27
  • Harsh
    Dedicated April 2021
    Harsh Β·
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    Will I only need to gift it to my fiance?
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  • Janette
    Expert May 2021 South Delhi
    Janette Β·
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    I like the bracelet better!
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  • A
    Super November 2022 South Delhi
    Aashna Β·
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    This is something unique!! Smiley surprise

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  • Khushi
    Super December 2021 Noida
    Khushi Β·
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    Woah! The ring looks every pretty and innovative! Smiley heart

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  • Akshara
    Super March 2021 Ghaziabad
    Akshara Β·
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    I won't prefer a bracelet because there are more chances of it breaking apart than the ring! This ring will stay intact! So I choose the ring!
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  • Shubhika
    Expert April 2021 Kochi
    Shubhika Β·
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    Same my vote goes to the bracelet only! It's so pretty! πŸ€—
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  • Niharika
    Featured Mumbai
    Niharika Β·
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    This mangalsutra bracelet looks dope🀩 Will choose that one for sure!
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