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Beginner February 2019 Gurgaon

What is it that bothers people more? Sharing space with a new person or committing to one decision/person for life? Would like to know what you all th

Abhishek, the 25 March, 2020 at 18:15 Posted in Married Life 0 4

There are rarely decisions which you have to commit for life, but trust me this one gets better with time.

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Latest activity by John, the 21 October, 2023 at 06:42
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    Just Said Yes April 2023 Dong Bang Song Hong
    Yutao ·
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    Visit my home at , dear brothers and sisters near and far, to learn a little. Sad is a reward, whereas happy is a gift. Why haven't you two entered yet?

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  • Taurus
    Super January 2023 Gurgaon
    Taurus ·
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    For me it’s both!!
    I cant share my space with anyone .. i need privacy and committing to one for life long is what I am surely scared off !!!
    But love and trust can surpass these issues 😊
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  • Shubhika
    Expert April 2021 Kochi
    Shubhika ·
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    Agreed! Because committing to relationships isn't something that people have never ever done before, before getting married to somebody!. However, living with someone and sharing a space with them is something that most of us haven't really!

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  • October
    Super October 2020 South Delhi
    October ·
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    Letting somebody in into your immediate close space can be a little overwhelming. I think settling in is something that takes the most time for newlyweds to get comfortable with.

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