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Expert November 2023 Bangalore

Does cycling help in weight loss?

Suyasha, the 20 October, 2021 at 16:40 Posted in Fitness and Health 1 7

My partner and I live quite near and we thought of going for cycling in every morning to stay fit. I was just curious to know if cycling helps to lose weight?

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Latest activity by Barbara, the 20 March, 2022 at 04:05
  • Barbara
    Savvy March 2021 California
    Barbara ·
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    It really helped me. But this is due to the fact that I did sports, ate healthy food, drank a lot of water and after also took supplements. It certainly took a little time and a little work, but I still succeeded. I reached the weight and figure I had dreamed of all my life. Now I ride a bike several times a week to keep fit. I sometimes deny myself fatty foods and it also helps me. Everything can be achieved, the main thing is desire.

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  • Transformation
    Transformation ·
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  • Kay_ly
    Just Said Yes March 2020 Mumbai
    Kay_ly ·
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    It should be in complex. Exercising, healthy eating and healthy lifestile.

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  • Hallie
    Savvy May 2022 West Garo Hills
    Hallie ·
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    Of course it helps! Any activity is good for weight loss, especially regular.

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  • Julia
    Savvy March 2005 Varmlands Lan
    Julia ·
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    I think it helps, but even if you don’t lose weight, you will still improve your health. I really wanted to lose weight lately and started reading on Canadian pharmacy about it. I started taking vitamins, eating healthy food, exercising regularly and running 3-4 times a week. In two weeks I had a good result and I am very happy that I tried and didn’t give up. I think you will also succeed! Healthy eating and cycling is a very good start. I think if you start doing some sports at home, you will definitely lose weight. I wish you good luck!

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  • Emma
    Beginner December 2021 California
    Emma ·
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    Sure!! It really works!

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  • A
    Dedicated August 2022 Agra
    Anita ·
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    Yes, it does. Also it will make your body very flexible.

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