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Featured April 2021 Mumbai

Gave up on Sugar completely!!

Meera, the 23 October, 2020 at 15:55 Posted in Fitness and Health 0 7

I had decided to give up on sugar a long time ago but finally could do it!! I have been off sugar for 5 days now馃槏馃槑 not even in teas or coffees

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  • Emma
    Savvy December 2021 California
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    I excluded sugar from my diet. It's actually necessary to do if you have diabetes or if you want to prevent it. Keeping sugar levels under control is the primary goal of any diabetic. A healthy and active lifestyle is mandatory to maintain this condition, at the same time it should not be too stressful or burden your system in any manner. Just brisk walking for an hour a day can help you keep your sugar levels under control. I also buy trulicity online for this purpose but it's individual and it would be better to consult a doctor.

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  • GloryDina
    Savvy June 2018 Texas
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    I had to, cause of the diabetes

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  • S
    Super July 2021 Jalandhar
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    This is a very good idea!
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  • K
    Expert August 2023 North Delhi
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    I so wish to give up on sugar, but I fail every time!

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  • Noor
    Featured August 2021 Jalandhar
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    Badhiya hain, I m trying out, par I cannot give up sugar !! Smiley tongue

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  • Yashwi
    South Delhi
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    Wow, keep it girl!! your skin will feel so much better! Smiley heart

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