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Featured August 2021 Jalandhar

How can we use basil leaves in our skincare routine?

Noor, the 18 July, 2020 at 09:49 Posted in Fitness and Health 0 4

Is there any skin benefit of the same?

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Latest activity by Aditi, the 25 June, 2021 at 14:11
  • Aditi
    East Delhi
    Aditi ·
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    Basil leaves are known as tulsi and in my opinion, it is believed to be a holy shrub because of its amazing features. It is best used when some giloy can be mixed to it for skin glow I have used tulsi giloy juice and after some time my skin has shown awesome results, you can try it.

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  • Meera
    Featured April 2021 Mumbai
    Meera ·
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    Basil Leaves are Tulsi, right? You can use the oil in faces packs!

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  • Khushi
    Super December 2021 Noida
    Khushi ·
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    Yes even my mom applies the same!

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  • K
    Expert August 2023 North Delhi
    Karnika ·
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    Apply basil oil on the face! It will improve the texture of the face to the fullest!

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