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Super May 2021 Kolkata

If after 8-9 months of relationship, your boyfriend asks you to move in with you...?

Boshika, the 19 November, 2020 at 13:17 Posted in Community Conversations 0 4

Would you or would you not? And its a very serious relationship wherein you love him equally or more!

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Latest activity by Akshara, the 19 November, 2020 at 23:46
  • Akshara
    Super March 2021 Ghaziabad
    Akshara ·
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    This was so sweet to know Nikita!
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  • Nikita
    Super September 2021 Mumbai
    Nikita ·
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    It only makes your love grow fonder, I was working in Bombay for 2 years where he lives and we stayed together for almost a year, after which we finally decided to tie the knot cuz when we moved out we realised we couldn't live without each other. But make sure you are 100% sure before you take this major step Smiley smile

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  • Noor
    Featured August 2021 Jalandhar
    Noor ·
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    I love him but I am not up for living, I an old school!

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  • Tara Nair
    Expert February 2021 Chennai
    Tara Nair ·
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    Yes, you can definitely move in, why not?, but only with consent!

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