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If you've just joined the WeddingWire community, this is the group for you. Here, you'll be able to introduce yourself to the rest of the brides and grooms, send us your doubts, share your experiences... and if you've been here for long enough, participate and help the beginners!



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A Happy MEMORY of You and Your Mother Dressing Up or Shopping For A Wedding?!?
Surbhi, The 5 May, 2020 at 16:35

Hey, you all lovelies! πŸ’› Memories are important to bring back and reminisce with your loved ones. But when it's with your mom? Remembrance become evergreen! πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ From hopping to shopping malls to...

Sonu, saturday 17-Feb-24 19 352
Corona Virus Impacting All Your Wedding Planning? Karo #ShadiKiTaiyari With Us!!! :)
Surbhi, The 17 March, 2020 at 14:27

Hey, All You Lovely Ladies & Gorgeous Men! We are sure you guys are handling the Corona week with hard work and loads of sanitisers! We also know that many of you are faced with difficult...

Mepcobillonline, tuesday 16-Jan-24 38 677 6
OUTFITS That You Wish To Steal From Your Mother’s Wardrobe!?
Gargi, The 6 May, 2020 at 15:35

Shopped from every possible brand, designer, store but still can't stop yourself from digging into your mom's closet ? HAHA don't worry because so can't we! We are in #LoveWithLegacy too. Tell us...

Anne, wednesday 3-Jan-24 25 455 1
Had To Postpone Your Wedding Due To Covid-19? Share Your Feedback Below πŸ‘‡
Surbhi, The 10 December, 2020 at 14:44

Hey, Y'all! How is your wedding planning going on? Are you a couple who had to postpone their upcoming wedding due to COVID? Has it been easy for you guys to maintain the thread of wedding planning...

Willms, wednesday 1-Nov-23 6 318
The TALENT That Your Mother Has and You Wish You Had It Too?!?
Surbhi, The 7 May, 2020 at 12:35

Hey Y'all! I hope this Mother's Day Week is vibing with you to the fullest! Remember your mother showering her magical talent which made your path of difficulty a cakewalk? Ever thought of imbibing...

Assignment, monday 16-Oct-23 22 343
Antono, The 10 July, 2022 at 18:43

What is a common type of mobile fitness app you can create?

SedanFraiz, yesterday at 15:29 5 235
Music for an Engagement Video Highlights.
Shaili, The 23 June, 2022 at 15:02

Please suggest a song in Hindi or English or Dual languages for an engagement video highlights of 3 to 5 minutes. Thanks in advance!

Kym, yesterday at 15:27 10 221 1
Wedding entry in a luxury car or Bike?
Rateek, The 6 March, 2022 at 12:55

I wish I could opt for both! What would you vote for?

Katherine368, wednesday 21-Feb-24 1 75
The only good thing about this pandemic is, i am reuniting with my old school and college friends!
Karnika, The 12 April, 2020 at 11:52

This is such a pure bliss, that I have literally started talking to my old friends and it feels so good talking to them. Pure bliss.

Jamesking, wednesday 21-Feb-24 3 690
Wedding Awards 2024 Winners! πŸŽ‰
Manvi, The 16 February, 2024 at 10:47

Hey Fam! The long awaited moment has arrived! πŸŽ‰β  ⁠ Introducing the Wedding Awards 2024, previously known as the Couple's Choice Awards!⁠ We've finally unveiled the winners, chosen based on the...

Karalinda, wednesday 21-Feb-24 10
The big day netflix show link?
Sakshi, The 26 April, 2021 at 05:41

Can any of you share any link of that show as to where we can see it, instead of Netflix?

Amelia, tuesday 20-Feb-24 17 1,111 1
When should i book my photographer?
Parinita, The 8 April, 2022 at 10:28

Guys how many months before the wedding I should freeze the photographer. I have shortlisted 3 right now.

Domadoe, tuesday 20-Feb-24 1 174
Chetan, The 9 January, 2023 at 22:50

Hi Guys, Can you please suggest a good hashtag for Chetan & Mansi Looking forward to hear from creative minds here

Vasim82418, thursday 15-Feb-24 2 137
Romantic movies to watch with partner!
Nainika, The 30 January, 2022 at 13:18

Hey people, please help me with some romantic movies to watch with partner.

Amelia, thursday 15-Feb-24 2 120
Snapchat, insta or whatsapp?
Boshika, The 6 March, 2021 at 10:30

Which of the platform do you and your partner chat the most on?

Johns, thursday 15-Feb-24 3 108
Wedding hashtag
Palak, The 12 February, 2021 at 00:48

Hey guys, can you please suggest a wedding hashtag for palak and kapil ? Thanks.

Gunjan, wednesday 14-Feb-24 7 426
Do you let your kids play online games?
Olli, The 25 December, 2021 at 16:14

Now everyone is sharply divided into two camps - some are strongly against it, and some are the opposite. What do you think?

Hasnain, sunday 11-Feb-24 7 253
Never Have I Ever Played Strip Poker With AnyoneπŸ˜‰
Gargi, The 26 October, 2020 at 23:10

Hey, Lovelies! πŸ’™ New Week, New Question!! πŸ˜‰ The question of the day is... Never Have I Ever Played Strip Poker With Anyone!

Elizabeth, friday 9-Feb-24 9 174
Do you guys believe in Tarot cards?
Adeline, The 21 April, 2020 at 12:19

I'm not superstitious but I got in touch with a tarot card reader online and whatever she told me about my past was all true and she predicted a lot of future stuff. I'm confused if I should believe...

Azadali, friday 9-Feb-24 6 81
Hashtag for Aarti Sharma and Aman Bhardwaj
Aarti, The 11 January, 2023 at 21:38

Hashtag for us please

Claire, tuesday 6-Feb-24 9 573
Share a couple hobby with us!
Niharika, The 20 February, 2021 at 10:35

Something that you both love to do together! We avoid being on screen and paint or cook something!

Amelia, tuesday 6-Feb-24 13 231
Looking for home decor ideas
Monica, The 10 October, 2021 at 17:28

Hi guys, please help me with some good home decor ideas! I want to decorate my bae's room. TIA

PhD, tuesday 6-Feb-24 2 253
Need help with wedding hashtag!
Aysha, The 26 October, 2021 at 02:28

Hi guys! My name is Aysha Patel and my fiancé’s name is Karan Patel and I need help with picking a wedding hashtag! Indian hashtags are very welcome too! I’ve thought so hard and barely came up with...

Mike, thursday 1-Feb-24 6 776
Does a Makeup artist provide hair accessories?
Sushma, The 19 November, 2021 at 12:24

Guys do I need to purchase my own hair accessories or is it provided by the makeup artist itself?

Robert, wednesday 31-Jan-24 68
Wedding hashtag
Akanksha, The 27 November, 2023 at 00:16

Wedding hashtag for Aakash Gulati and Akanksha Gandhi

DunkinDonuts46, wednesday 24-Jan-24 1 8
Are you Ready For Valentine'o clock? The CONTEST is Live!! 😍
Surbhi, The 5 February, 2021 at 12:35

Hey Y'all! πŸ’– We believe that love is not bound to a place or just a person. Love prevails in families, friends, siblings, pets, and anything that makes you happy. This Valentine's day, push the...

James, tuesday 23-Jan-24 2 321
Best places to travel in June?
Parinita, The 30 May, 2022 at 16:36

My partner and I are planning for a mini vacation with our common friends. What are best places that we can explore in June? We don't want any place which is hot and not too much adventure.

Henry, saturday 20-Jan-24 8 328
Hashtag for Nikhil n Nikita
Nikhil, The 4 April, 2021 at 18:54

Please suggest Hastag for Bride: Nikita Agarwal Groom: Nikhil Sureka Wedding Date: 18 July 2021

Nikita, thursday 18-Jan-24 8 1,322
Wedding Hashtags
Riya, The 20 November, 2023 at 23:55

Hi, Can someone please help with hashtags combining Sanyam and Riya. That would be great!

Manvi, thursday 18-Jan-24 2 43
Wedding hashtag
Urvil, The 22 November, 2023 at 06:28

Hello!! Can someone please suggest me some hashtags for groom laxya and bride radhika

Manvi, thursday 18-Jan-24 1 8
Wedding hashtag
Siddhesh, The 24 November, 2023 at 12:45

Hi I am Siddhesh . I need a hashtag for Siddhesh and Ankita . Any suggestions??

Manvi, thursday 18-Jan-24 1 4
Help with the wedding hashtag
Nidhi, The 24 November, 2023 at 14:27

Can you suggest wedding hashtags for Rishabh & Nidhi

Manvi, thursday 18-Jan-24 3 46