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Nepal has the world's top trekking routes and is a paradise for mountain climbers. For ordinary tourists, hiking is a relatively professional and physically consuming way of travel. People would ask what country is Nepal, yet Nepal is a country located on the north slope of the Himalayas.

The city of Kathmandu is mainly based on visiting architectural markets, among which the three major Durbar Squares, Monkey Temple and Hindu Temple are the main ones.

Kathmandu Tourist Map and Attractions

Kathmandu Durbar Square, also known as "Kathmandu Palace Square", is located southwest of Kathmandu City and is the closest Durbar Square to the city center among the three Durbar Squares. Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of the world's cultural heritage in Nepal. It is the most famous square in Kathmandu and a good place to watch Nepalese temple architecture.

Patan Durbar Square, also known as "Patan Palace Square", is located in Patan City, 5 kilometers south of Kathmandu. It is very close to Patan Durbar Square from the center of Kathmandu, and it is also a stop in Kathmandu.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is located in the Bhaktapur area, 7 kilometers southeast of Kathmandu. The square is surrounded by all kinds of temple towers, which is overwhelming.

Swayambhunath Temple (Four Eyed Temple, Monkey Temple) is located on a hill in the west of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It has a history of more than two thousand years. Because of the large number of monkeys in the temple, it is also known as the "Monkey Temple".

Pashupatinath Temple is located on the Bagmati River east of Kathmandu, very close to Kathmandu International Airport. It is another world cultural heritage of Nepal, and it is also the largest Hindu temple in Nepal.

Bodha Stupa is located in the northeast of Kathmandu, close to the Burning Corpse Temple. The entire pagoda is a huge circular building, and many Tibetan Buddhist believers will turn around the pagoda.

Pokhara Tourist Map and Attractions

Pokhara tourism mainly focuses on viewing snow-capped mountains, swimming lakes, and outdoor sports. The scenery of Pokhara is centered on a lake and a mountain, with sparkling clear waters of Fewa Lake and snow-capped Fishtail Peak.

Fewa Lake can be described as the tourist soul of Pokhara. On the narrow southeast side of the lake, it is a good place for boating. Bypassing the lake to the southwest of the entire lake, you can also enjoy the reflection of the entire Fishtail Peak, which is magnificent and spectacular.

Paragliders and gliders are the classic items of Pokhara tourism. Both are aerial flying projects, which can overlook the entire Pokhara scenery from the air. Fewa Lake, the old city, and the distant snow-capped mountains can be perfectly viewed from the air.

Chitwan Tourist Map and Attractions

Chitwan National Park is the only tourist attraction in Chitwan, a vast expanse of pristine tropical jungle that covers a large area from southern Nepal to India. The most famous wild animals here are tigers, rhinos, elephants, crocodiles and sloth bears. In this huge scenic spot, there are a lot of play items, mainly landscape appreciation and animal viewing.

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    Great post!

    You write beautifully, I enjoyed reading it.

    I really like Nepal, I originally planned my wedding in Nepal, but my future spouse can't arrange a wedding there because of work.

    I first visited Nepal in 2015 when I was 17 years old. I fell in love with the country and the people. The mountains, the culture, the architecture - it was all incredible. I spent most of my time exploring the country, visiting temples, hiking in the mountains, and visiting people living in remote villages. Maybe that's why I became a writer and now work for one of the best companies that provide case study writing service to students, it's quite challenging but interesting at the same time. I think in many ways nature inspires me to write and when I am in nature I have a strong sense of inspiration: it is the perfect environment for creativity. Whether I'm going to the mountains, walking on the beach, or sitting in a field of wildflowers, I get a sense of inspiration that I don't get as often when I'm in the city. I've always loved being in nature, and I think that's partly why nature inspires me to write. When I'm surrounded by the natural world, I have a sense of wonder and curiosity that I don't often get when I'm in the city.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this information. My partner really wants to visit Nepal. I think this is going to be super helpful for him.

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