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Expert May 2021 Kanpur

What do you prefer gym or home workout?

Vinika, the 16 October, 2021 at 14:02 Posted in Fitness and Health 0 5

Honestly, I get very lazy at home so I prefer going to the gym. What about you guys?

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Latest activity by Anna, the 19 April, 2023 at 12:33
  • Anna
    Beginner July 2023 California
    Anna ·
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    Boxing training is one of the most effective ways to stay fit and stay healthy. Boxing requires not only physical strength, but also strategic thinking and the ability to make quick decisions. During boxing training you will work on your stamina, coordination, reaction speed and punching power. Training includes running, pull-ups, push-ups and more to improve all aspects of your fitness. Boxing can also help relieve stress and improve your mood, as it's a great way to release stored energy.

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  • Margo
    Just Said Yes May 2023 Florida
    Margo ·
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    I have always done only home workouts.

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  • Barbara
    Savvy March 2021 California
    Barbara ·
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    I'm not lazy to be honest. I like to exercise both at home and in the gym. In general, I spend a lot of time on my health: sports, vitamins from Canada Drugs , a balanced diet, plenty of water. That's why I'm in such good shape. Sport is great and it doesn't matter where you do it: at home, with a coach in the gym or in the yard

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  • K
    Beginner June 2023 Thessaloniki
    Karen ·
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    Home workouts as I don't have time for gym.

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  • Nikita
    Super September 2021 Mumbai
    Nikita ·
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    I love home workouts. They are the best

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