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WeddingWire Admin June 2023 West Delhi

The TALENT That Your Mother Has and You Wish You Had It Too?!?

Surbhi, the 7 May, 2020 at 12:35 Posted in Community Conversations 0 11

Hey Y'all! Smiley heart

I hope this Mother's Day Week is vibing with you to the fullest!

Remember your mother showering her magical talent which made your path of difficulty a cakewalk?

Ever thought of imbibing that talent in you? If yes then share your thoughts and let's give a big shoutout to our lovely mothers for being the golden light in our life! 馃槏

The Talent That Your Mother Has and You Wish You Had It Too?!?

#LoveWithLegacy 馃А

You can also hop to this link and share your feelings with happiness! Smiley smile

OUTFITS That You Wish To Steal From Your Mother鈥檚 Wardrobe!?

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  • Noel
    Central Delhi
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  • Daniellollopik
    Just Said Yes March 1997 Berat
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  • Julia
    Savvy March 2005 Varmlands Lan
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    The talent of being strong in the toughest situation)))

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  • Ahana
    Expert November 2021 Chandigarh City
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    She already knows everything beforehand. Idk how man? I really wish to get this thing from her! Smiley heart

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  • Tara Nair
    Expert February 2021 Chennai
    Tara Nair
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    My mother cooks South Indian really well and I know zero of it.
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  • Ambika
    Super June 2020 Mumbai
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    The talent of being strong in the toughest situation. I鈥檝e seen her struggling with low days but then she never fails to maintain the positive attitude. I learn such things from her everyday!
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  • Suyasha
    Expert November 2023 Bangalore
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    I love how she makes every difficult situation or adverse condition, seem so normal and easy to be dealt with! 馃ズ鉂わ笍 love my mummaa
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  • Priyum
    Super June 2021 Jalandhar
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    Yes!! My mother can turn impossible into possible in seconds. Maybe because of patience level!

    I want this talent from her ya! 馃А

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